Attention Belsat TV viewers

On February 11, the frequency of the Astra 4A satellite channel broadcast will change.

Dear viewers,

On February 11, due to technical reasons, the Belsat TV channel will have to change the broadcast frequency of the Astra 4A satellite.

For Belsat TV to stay at your home you will have to do the following:

1. Using your remote or satellite receiver, go to MENU


3. Select the MANUAL SEARCH for channels and enter the parameters of the new frequency – 12 303 MHz.

You may also need:
– Horizontal polarization (H)
– DVB-S modulation
– SR (SymbolRate), FEC (Forward Error Correction): 12303H DVB-S (SR-FEC 25548 7/8)

Alternatively, you can choose AUTOMATIC SEARCH for channels and have the receiver update the list of all channels

4. You may want to give Belsat TV a memorable channel number. Why not select button “1”?

Enjoy our broadcasts


The Astra 4A satellite has not changed. You do not have to readjust the dish.

Please, pass this information to neighbors, friends and relatives.

Belsat TV is broadcasting for you non-stop at the new frequency.

Stay with Belsat TV