Astravets NPP: 15 Russian workers tested positive for coronavirus

15 citizens of Russia who earlier came to work at the Belarusian nuclear power plant construction site have been hospitalised in the town of Astravets.

According to the local authorities, all the coronavirus cases have been laboratory-confirmed. The Russians have no clinical symptoms of the disease.

The infected persons have been isolated, and their first-level contacts are now being narrowed down, grodnonews reports.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Health Minister Uladzimir Karanik also acknowledged the fact of the virus presence at the would-be NPP.

“The re-tests taken from the group of Russian builders who were quarantined turn out to be positive,” he said.

All foreign employees are tested and placed under quarantine before being admitted to work at the nuclear power plant, he added.

As it follows from today’s report by the Belarusian Health Ministry, the number of people who contracted the novel coronavirus has reached 1,066 (976 ill, 77 recovered, 13 dead).

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