Arrested ‘Belsat’ cameraman Ales Barazenka goes on hunger strike. More journalists detained.

He was detained during the live broadcast from the Minsk Freedom Day celebration on Saturday.

Police arrested several hundred people that day. Among them are dozens of journalists.

While in a paddy wagon, Ales Barazenka got in touch with our colleagues in the studio. Our cameraman tried to start a live stream from the paddy wagon, but due to the disruption of the 3G and 4G network it lasted for a short time.

According to preliminary information, Ales may  receive a real sentence.

On March 25, journalist Katsyaryna Andreyeva, who cooperates with “Belsat” was beaten, while our colleague Volha Chaychyts was promised to be pout on a list of socially dangerous families.

Aliaksey Minchonak and Ales Zaleuski have also been detained on Sunday and are currently in the Central police station in Minsk.