Armed Forces of Ukraine on full combat alert after incident in Sea of Azov

Captured Ukrainian ships already in Russia.

The Ukrainian army was brought to full combat alert in light of the unfolding conflict in the Kerch Strait.

Yesterday, three Ukrainian ships were captured by the Russian special forces in the Kerch Strait. According to Ukrainian media, in total, Russia captured from 20 to 23 people, 6 sailors were injured.

The FSB claims that the Ukrainian ships violated the Russian border because they did not apply for passage in the strait. Ukraine says it warned the Russian side about the passage of ships, but did not receive a response.

Today the Verkhovna Rada will consider the introduction martial law in the country. Late last night, this decision was taken by the National Security Council of Ukraine.

Also on November 26, an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council will be held, which is being convened on the initiative of the Ukrainian and Russian sides.

NATO and the European Union have called on Russia and Ukraine to show restraint.

What does martial law in Ukraine mean

Martial law is a special legal regime that is introduced in Ukraine or in certain localities in the event of armed aggression or the threat of attack, danger in relation to the state independence of Ukraine and its territorial integrity.

Poroshenko proposed to introduce martial law for 60 days.

Under Ukrainian law, martial law provides for:

  • the transfer of powers to the relevant state authorities, military commanders, local governments, “necessary to prevent threats and ensure national security”
  • temporary restriction of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens
  • ban on changes to the Constitution of Ukraine
  • ban on holding mass meetings, referendums, elections and strikes
  • in the case of martial law on the territory of Ukraine, the next presidential election will be postponed, and the powers of the current head of state, the Verkhovna Rada and law enforcement agencies will be extended
  • evacuation of the population and enterprises from dangerous areas
  • possible introduction of labor service for able-bodied citizens
  • possible curfew
  • possible control of the media
  • possible withdrawal for temporary use of any property of private and public institutions
  • use of premises and equipment of factories, offices, etc. for defense