Argentina burns 400 kg of cocaine found at Russian embassy

Source: Facebook profile by Patricia Bullrich

Argentina’s Security Minister Patricia Bullrich and Russian envoy to the Argentine Republic Dmitry Feoktistov took part in the elimination of cocaine that had been found on the premises of the Russian embassy in February.

According to investigators, the cocaine belonged to one of the employees of the Russian diplomatic mission in Buenos Aires. On July 30, German authorities extradited Andrei Kovalchuk who is suspected of being behing the deliveries of cocaine from Argentina to Russia.

As reported earlier, the Argentine police secured 389 kilos of cocaine stored in 12 suitcases in the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires. 360 packets were to have been sent to Europe and Russia by diplomatic mail. The estimated cost the drugs found was estimated at $50 mln.

Moscow keeps denying its diplomats’ or officials’ connection to cocaine smuggling, as well as the assumption that the service plane of the Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev might have been used for transporting suitcases.