Antos Lahvinets: I was handcuffed to headrest, my father was beaten and called ‘corrupt’

On March 23, the news came about the brutal detention of political scientist Ales Lahvinets. His son, Antos Lahvinets told “Belsat” details of the detention.

“They ran up from behind. No uniform. They began to twist my arms. I shouted: police. People tried to help us, but the assailants produced their IDs. In the car, I was chained to the headrest. Father was beaten and called corrupt, saying that however much we get beaten, that does not help,” said Antos.

He also said that his father had a concussion, closed head injury, and a broken nose.

Journalist Lyubou Luniova, who was next to the Moscow district police department, saw Ales Lahvinets being taken into the building. His face was bleeding.

On the evening of March 23, the Moscow district court was reviewing the administrative case initiated against Ales Lahviniets under Article 17.1 (disorderly conduct). An ambulance for Ales Lahvinets was called to the court and a break was announced. Later it became known that he was taken to the 9th hospital, reports.

On March 22, Ales Lahvinets said on air of “Belsat” that Belarus was “a police state”.