Another incident at Belarus NPP construction site

Two persons involved in the construction works at the would-be nuclear power plant in Astravets have been severely injured, the Belarusian Investigative Committee reports.

The workers who were winterizing the administrative building of the NPP laboratory and amenity complex fell from height.

According to the investigators, the incident was assigned to the fall of the cradle of the elevated work platform mounted on the MAZ vehicle, which, in turn, was caused by an equipment failure.

The would-be Belarusian NPP with two VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 2,400 MW is being built according to the Russian project near Astravets in Hrodna region. The first power unit is scheduled to be commissioned in 2019, the second one — in 2020. The public keep being concerned over the unavailability of information about everything that happens at and around the site.

It is expected that the NPP will send its used nuclear fuel to Russia, but it will be stored in Belarus for about 10 years before the shipment.

Lithuania has repeatedly criticized the construction of the nuclear power plant and encouraged the rest of the countries of the United Europe to not buy electricity from the NPP. Belarus’ neighbour is not only concerned about the proximity of the station to Vilnius, but also with a number of emergencies during the NPP construction. Among the emergencies are a reactor vessel incident, when it fell during the transportation, the collapse of the concrete structure at the site between the reactors. Our channel was the first to report on the incident. Before the official request of the Lithuanian side, representatives of the Belarusian NPP denied this information.

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