Questions asked as former Belarusian Su-27 spotted in US

Soviet Su-27 fighter was seen this November during a mock battle with the American F-16 in Nevada, writes a blog, linked with the Russian Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

Su-27 during maneuvers in the United States.

Photo of Su-27, made by an American spotter, was published by the “Air Forces Monthly” magazine in the article “Flanker dogfighting with F-16 over Groom Lake”.

It is near the Groom Lake that the famous “Area 51” – the United States Air Force base – is placed. It is considered a place for testing new aircraft models.

Belarusian Su-27.

According to the “Air Forces Monthly” author, the aircraft was bought in Belarus in the 1990s. Russian analysts believe that the Su-27 can have been bought from Ukraine in 2008-2009.

Operation of the Su-27 was discontinued by the Belarusian Armed Forces in 2012, but in 2014 it was decided to conduct their overhaul and modernization. At the moment Belarus uses lighter destroyers MiG-29.

Secrecy around the activities near Groom Lake gave rise to many conspiracy theories, including those related to aliens.

Base near Groom Lake.

Fans of mysteries believe that the base is a place for storage and study of the remains of alien spacecraft and the bodies of extraterrestrial beings, the place for development of “climate weapon”, a time machine and a device for teleportation.

Alyaksandr Helahayeu,