American disliked by students elected new EHU rector

The candidacy of Professor David Pollick was approved at the general meeting of the  University founders.


David Pollick came to Vilnius in March 2014 and worked as the first vice-rector and chief operating officer of the university. In October, he became the Acting Rector of the EHU. The ancestors (grandparents) of Pollick were natives of Belarus, but he speaks neither Belarusian nor Russian.

On September 30, 2014, the EHU President Anatol Mikhailau, who founded and directed the University since inception left the post of rector. To elect a new rector, the Governing Council of the EHU established a temporary body – the Committee for the election of the rector of the European Humanities University.

The short-list of applicants for the post of rector consisted of six names. It included three citizens of Belarus – EHU professor Tatsiana Shchyttsova, leader of the movement For Freedom Altaksandr Milinkevich and historian Ales Krautsevich, as well as three US citizens – Professor David Pollick, Vice President for Development and Communication of EHU Darius Ūdris and Director of the Office of the Institute of International Education in Moscow Edward Roslof.