All 640 kg of ‘illegal’ Belarusian crickets burned in Russia

More than 640 kilograms of frozen crickets were confiscated by Russian customs officers on the border with Belarus in the Bryansk region. The insects were being transferred from Belarus to Moscow. In total 39 boxes of frozen crickets were found in the truck.

According to the shipment documents, the producer and sender of the crickets was listed as Minsk ONTO Biotechnology LLC, Bryansk News reports.

Rosselkhoznadzor claims that such a product should have a veterinary certificate. It was his absence that led to the removal of the goods. Also the packaging lacked enough labeling with information about the name, manufacturer, transportation conditions, production date and shelf life of the goods.

Frozen crickets. Photo: Rosselkhoznadzor

As a result of the inspection, the Russians burned the frozen crickets.

In the commentary to, a representative of ONTO Biotechnology LLC confirmed the destruction of Belarusian crickets in Russia. The source denied the statement of the Rosselkhoznadzor about the absence of veterinary documents. “All documents are in order,” said the company representative.

According to him, only omissions in labeling were made, for which the responsible officer had already been punished.

“We gave our lawyers an official letter that we were sent. In cases where we acted illegally, we will improve and not allow it to happen again. If it turns out that our rights have been violated, lawyers will deal with it,” the source added.

According to Belarus Today, the insect growing farm in our country was opened in November 2016. Here, several species of cockroaches, crickets and larvae are grown, which serve as the source of fertilizers for plants, canned food and frozen crickets for animal feed. In addition, the company produces flour and candy bars for people. At first they were sold as food for exotic animals: for example, reptiles, spiders and chameleons.

In Minsk in one of the bars on Zybitskaya Street 40 grams of fried crickets with salt, pepper or curry cost 12 rubles.