Milinkevich: Instead of promoting the movement, we will engage in public activities

The For Freedom movement has refused to nominate its candidate for the presidential elections and is not going to support other candidates during the election campaign.  Belsat spoke about this definitive step with the leader of the movement Milinkevich.

Why the movement rada made such a decision?

It is not the first time that the For Freedom movement is participating in the presidential campaign, and  election of a single candidate has always been an important goal for us. In a country without choice it is very important to show that there is an alternative. We have been involved in this process, but, unfortunately, it was not possible to consolidate the opposition. Therefore, we have decided not to engage in the promotion of the movement, but to deal with public campaigns and public activities.”

“We do not want to show off, we need a different Belarus,” said Milinkevich.

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