Kupala theater actor spoke about importance of ‘Belsat’

Actor Pavel Harlanchuk-Yuzhakou said what he likes about our channel.

There is now an online petition to support “Belsat”

“In general, I am very sorry to know that something Belarusian may disappear. I personally think that the steps to destroy the language are becoming more and more active. And as a family we are sorry to lose the children’s content of the channel — cartoons, films for children. We will miss it. So make your choice based on what heart tells you, support or not. If you choose to support it, it is necessary to sign the petition. I have signed it. And I hope that our support and this petition will help to ensure that the channel is not closed. It may be reformatted, some improvements made, but not destroyed,” said Pavel Harlanchuk-Yuzhakou.