72-year old Russian pensioner gets heavy jail term for treason

A Russian court found 72-year-old Vladimir Morgunov guilty of treason and sentenced him to 12 years in a penal colony, the BBC reports.

Morgunov is a resident of the village of Chertkovo which is located close to the Russian-Ukrainian border. He was arrested in November, 2018. When searching his place, the police got ten boxes that formerly contained mobile phones, SIM cards and two passports to his name – Russia’s and Ukraine’s. During the investigation, Morgunov pleaded guilty.

It is noteworthy that prosecutor demanded 8-year jail term for the man.

According to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Morgunov used to meet with foreign intel officers in the territory of Ukraine and provided them. They fail to specify the intelligence services of which country were involved.

In Russia, treason is punishable by the 20-year maximum term of imprisonment. As a rule, the materials such cases are classified, and trials are held behind closed doors.

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