36 ministers vs 7. Belarus should follow Switzerland’s path

Belarusian independent experts supported PM Syarhei Rumas’ idea to reduce the number of people in government.

But in any case, their performance will be determined not by quantity but quality, says Dzmitry Markusheuski, Academic Director of the SYMPA Research Centre of Public Administration. Therefore, cutting red tape is just one side; according to the expert, government officials should be selected on a competitive basis.

“Only seven ministers would be enough for Belarus – on the model of Switzerland, a prosperous country which has the same habitancy,” Dzmitry Markusheuski commented on the fact of the Belarusian cabinet’ being a home for 36 persons.

At the same time, one should reform the work of the government. In particular, it should not depend on political cycles, when salaries are unreasonably increased in the run-up to presidential elections, the expert stressed.

In his opinion, the overnment also needs to abandon the so-called manual stewardship of the Belarusian economy. According to Markusheuski, the newly-appointed Prime Minister Syarhei Rumas has a good grip of the problem. The expert hopes that ‘this understanding will also reach the president’.