2081 Russian citizens killed in Ukraine. Poroshenko’s spokesman refers to ‘Cargo 200’ data

Svyatoslav Tsegolko, Press Secretary of the President of Ukraine, has referred on Twitter to a list of Russian citizens who were allegedly killed during the armed conflict in Donbas. The list was drawn up by volunteers of the group “Cargo 200 from Ukraine to Russia”.

“Volunteers: 2081 citizens of the Russian Federation were killed in the Donbas,” he said on Twitter.

IThe list includes names of 2081 persons; they are put in alphabetical order. In most cases, first names, patronymics, surnames, dates of birth and death are known.  Volunteers also managed to find information about nom-de-guerres, hometowns, places of death or burial of some Russians who came to fight against Ukraine.

Every month the group publishes an updated edition on Facebook, but it is the first time when Ukrainian authorities have referred to the volunteers’ data. At the moment it is impossible to verify their information.

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry declined comment on the publication.

2,600 representatives of the Ukrainian army had been killed, over 9,000 had been injured since the beginning of the conflict in the east, the country’s Foreign Ministry said on February, 29.

Kyiv accuses Russia of backing armed separatists in self-proclaimed republics in Donbas. Moscow keeps denying the accusations.