All is good in famine: Alcohol-containing meds and lotions become hot products in Russia

Medicines and cosmetic products containing ethyl alcohol account for 20% of Russia’s alcohol market, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin said.

“According to a number of experts, now these liquids amount to 20% of the market of alcoholic beverages. It is not only fluids which are used inappropriately, but also pharma drugs (tincture of hawthorn and dog rose) and perfume and cosmetic products – lotions ‘Cucumber’, ‘Nettle’ and others,” said Russian Deputy Prime Minister.

The market of substitutes is developing very dynamically, then that is a reason for concern, the top official added.

Interestingly, Russia’s Finance Ministry proposed to put hawthorn tincture sold in pharmacies on the list of alcoholic products and excise it.

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