Belsat TV crew beaten by Ukrainian riot police back in Warsaw

Siarhei Marchyk and Yuras Wysocki returned from Kyiv: friends and colleagues were waiting for them at Warsaw Chopin airport. Despite fatigue, the both have headed straight for our office…

{movie}Siarhei Marchyk and Yuras Wysocki coming back to Belsat TV office.|right|14528{/movie}
It is to be recalled that Belsat TV’s journalist Yuras Wysocki and cameraman Siarhei Marchyk were battered while filming a violent dispersal of Ukrainian activists in Cherkasy (central Ukraine), their equipment and footage seized. One was diagnosed with brain concussion, the other spent a night at a police station. Neither Ukrainian nor Belarusian authorities reacted.
{movie}Belsat TV journalist Yuras Wysocki beaten by Berkut riot police; video filmed in a medical car (English subs)|right|14532{/movie}

The crew was covering protest actions and mass media work in Ukraine. They were about to interview Tetiana Chornovol, a prominent Ukrainian journalist, when Berkut started attacking protesters.

A dozen or even a hundred of Berkut soldiers came running and started beating people. They were intentionally seeking journalists to give us a lesson. It was clear they wanted to destroy the equipment and footage. No one was speared. We saw them shooting rubber bullets at an elderly man, from a one-meter distance,’ Siarhei Marchyk said.