Piggery in Valozhyn district

African swine fever is advancing: flairs might have been recognised in Hrodna and Vitsebsk regions but focuses of the disease were also spotted in Minsk, Brest and Mahiliou regions.

In the village of Vishniova (Valozhyn district) local authorities demanded local residents should slaughter their swine. In the event of a refusal animals will be taken away without making any compensation (by the way, it is less than $2 per kilo).

Despite all assurances of pigs’ safe health status local officials took a decision on abattage. According to local resident Halina Nedzvedz, hardly anybody is likely to comply with the demand.

“Our local council has never helped us. Nobody knows when they will pay these compensations, and one can’t say that its sum is reasonable. I have eight young pigs, two boars, a sow and a swine! I breed animals because my life is helping my children. A day before yesterday they [officials] came and asked to sign these directive leaflets [with demands –Belsat]. I refused. <…> I have five children, I must help them all,” Mrs Nedvedz said.

According to her neighbour Zmitser Burak, some people had to kill pregnant sows. Fortunately, his five boars were mature enough to be killed. Mr Burak was not about to sell pig meat at dirt cheap price and just bought another freezer to preserve it.

A bit later Mrs Nedzvedz was visited by a policeman, a veterinarian and a representative of the local council. After they noticed a camera they turned round and was about to leave. When the Belsat crew made an attempt to start up a conversation the police officer threatened to call for support ‘to deal with crooked journalists’.

The reporters had to retreat; local residents showed another road from the village. If ‘support’ did arrive they failed to meet our contributors.