12th anniversary: Major Belsat achievements of 2019

The success of the new programs, the growing popularity on the Internet, live broadcasts, awards at the Listapad film festival. Our team has something to boast about. Belsat is taking congratulations on another birthday. What did 2019 bring us?

More live broadcasts from the ground

Special live broadcasts from Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Italy and the Holy Land became the main feature of our work in 2019.

Our information office conducted live broadcasts from the epicentre of the most important events: the celebration of the Freedom Day in Minsk and Hrodna, the official Independence Day on July 3 in Minsk, blogger events #whatsnext, the Charnobylski Shlyakh rallies, a series of Moscow protests in the summer and ‘Let’s defend independence’ protests on 7 and 8 December — protest against integration of Belarus and Russia. We also covered the debates between Petro Poroshenko and Volodymyr Zelensky. We aired a special live edition during the presidential election in Ukraine.

For the first time in history of the Belarusian TV, we had a special Christmas broadcast from the Vatican and Bethlehem for our viewers to see the festive liturgy directly from the centres of Christianity.

Solemn reburial of Kastus Kalinouski and 1863-1864 uprising participants in Vilnius

On November 22, on the occasion of the reburial of Kastus Kalinouski and participants of the 1863-1864 uprising, our channel established a mobile studio in the heart of Vilnius, from where the invited experts and our anchors commented on the ceremony; our reporters went along with the procession through the city. During the seven-hour live broadcast, Belsat TV showed what even most of those present in the Lithuanian capital could not stand the chance to see with their own eyes, i.e. the mass at the Vilnius Сathedral Church and the reburial in the chapel at Rasos cemetery.

Youtube silver button

We got sight of the unprecedented rise of Belsat’s popularity on the Internet in the past season. The success was followed up by our performance on Youtube. This year, our channels Belsat News and That Way have received silver buttons from the platform as 100,000 users subscribed to each of them. Belsat News is the world’s first Belarusian-language Youtube channel that gained such coverage. To date, the number of subscribers of each channel has exceeded 141,000.

Our videos are watched not only in Belarus. The stories about events in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, and Kazakhstan catch the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers, and the most popular videos have millions of views on Youtube.

History is made as YouTube awards Belarusian-language channel

We also keep developing another six Youtube channels: «Белсат Life», «Белсат Гісторыя», «Белсат Музыка», «Жэстачайшый мульт», «Biełsat po polsku», «Belsat in English».

Belsat in Ukraine

A regional office of Belsat TV started working in Ukraine; since 2019, we have had the Ukrainian language version of our news website belsat.eu (in addition to Belarusian, Russian, Polish and English).

Our new program Along the Roads of Ukraine is available on the airцфмуы and on the web. Its author, the Odessa-based journalist Vsevolod Ananiev, rides a motorcycle across Ukraine to show us what problems people are facing five years after the Revolution of Dignity and what way our southern neighbour is changing.

More and more Ukrainian cable TV operators are rebroadcasting Belsat TV; our channel is present in 21 of 27 Ukrainian regions.

Belsat TV new programs hit mark

Evening Spire is a satirical show about the developments in the CIS, in particular, Russia and Belarus. It was a success on Youtube and on air.

Labyrinths is a new series of historical films about the tragic fate of the stars of the Belarusian culture in the era of war and repression. Its authors Valyaryna Kustava and Vasil Dranko-Maisyuk create the intricacy of the plots and fiddle with various genres – from erotic melodrama to thriller.

Belsat Near You is a special summertime series which also suited our audience’s taste. We were ready to visit every corner of Belarus to give a voice to anyone who wants to talk about their problems or joys and successes.

Moustached News, another new production of 2019, is aimed at debunking fake news. The journalists study the sources of information in order to establish the extent of their reliability.

Belsat TV journos get Free Word awards

Let’s Deal With It is an investigative journalism project by Stanislau Ivashkevich. Last season, the format was changed, which resulted in its entering the top popular online programs. The author and his team investigate into corruption in the Belarusian government as well as cases of the officials’ getting money out of the country through offshore companies and allocating plots of the Belarusian land to their foreign friends.

Stsyapan Svyatlou, also known as blogger Nexta, creates Subjective, a weekly ironic overview of events, which makes it into the trends of the Belarusian segment of Youtube.

We have released the second season of the international talk show Territory of Truth dedicated to the 70th anniversary of NATO and 20 years of its expansion to the borders of Belarus, as well as the culinary and therapeutic show I Am Not Eating This. Do not forget that the new seasons are on the way…

NATO: friend or foe? New series of international talk show on Belsat TV


It is not uncommon that Belsat TV films and reports get many awards at Belarusian and international festivals. However, it is the 2019 Listapad festival that has become a landmark event for our documentary makers. In Minsk, three films produced with the participation of Belsat received four prizes. The film Strip and War by Andrey Kutsila that had not previously been admitted to the contest by the Culture Ministry, was awarded a special jury prize in 2019. Moreover, director Maksim Shved and his first film Pure Art was distinguished by the Guild of Film Critics of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers.

Вelarusian language

The Belarusian language and culture are on the list of Belsat TV values; therefore, we could not ignore the National Census 2019. Belsat launched a public campaign ‘Belaruskamouny‘ (Belarusian language speaking person) in order to make the Belarusian and Russian languages equal in daily life. The main goal was to promote choosing the Belarusian as a mother tongue in the census even if a person does not usually speak it.

PEN International calls on Belarus to use Belarusian language

Smart TV

Soon, you will be able to watch Belsat not only via Internet or satellite. The new Belsat TV smart TV app will let you catch the programmes you have missed.

Тhat was the year with Belsat. See you again next year!