#100BNR: Let’s celebrate it together on Belsat

On March 25, at 12:00 pm, Belsat will launch a special broadcast dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the BNR and the Freedom Day. Watch the Independence Day celebrations online: we will prepare live streaming from Minsk and other cities of Belarus, from events, celebrations and concerts.

The special broadcast will begin at 12:00. We will show the most important and interesting events of that day.

The “March of Dignity and Freedom” rally is scheduled for 12:00. People will gather at the Yakub Kolas square and the event will end near the Opera House, where a festive concert will take place.

The solemn opening of the “Independence Festival” is scheduled for 13:00. It will be hosted by the legendary Belarusian TV announcer Zinaida Bandarenka and the presenter of “Belsat” Usevalad Stseburaka.

Among the performers are “Akute”, “Dzieciuki”, “Amaroka”, “Mutnayevoka”, RSP, Kasya Kamotskaya, Speuny Skhod, Pyotr Klyuyeu, Ihar Varashkevich (“Krama”), Yury Stylski (“Give Way”).

Meanwhile, in Bialystok there will be a festive concert with the participation of Lavon Volski. You can watch the performance online on Belsat.eu page and via satellite.

We have prepared for you a special festive week for the 100th anniversary of the BNR. Your can watch programs, documentaries, and reports of Belsat on the events and people who influenced the formation of Belarusian identity.

Celebrate Freedom Day with Belsat!